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A message for employers about CNA certification

Note: All CNA members are entitled to a $200 discount on their specialty certification.

CNA certification

  • The only national nursing certification program in Canada
  • A voluntary, recognized credential for registered nurses (RNs) licensed in Canada who meet specific nursing practice, continuous learning and testing requirements 
  • Open to RNs with at least two years of experience in their nursing specialty/area of nursing practice (consult the eligibility criteria [PDF, 1.3 MB] for exceptions to this requirement)
  • An exam-based credential; it is not a course
  • Offered annually in 20 specialty/areas of nursing practice
  • A credential that you’ll need to renew every five years 

Check out our certification webinars to learn more about earning your credential.

Benefits of certification

Having the official CNA certification credential after your name indicates to patients, employers, the public and professional-licensing bodies that you are qualified, competent and current in a nursing specialty/area of nursing practice. It distinguishes you as a registered nurse who Cares to Be the Best!

What can you expect when you become a CNA-certified nurse?

  • More job opportunities (some employers list certification as a preferred qualification)
  • Career advancement and greater responsibility
  • Potential salary differential and/or reimbursement of your certification exam costs
  • Formal recognition in the workplace
  • University credit toward your nursing degree
  • Future opportunities to participate in exam development activities and mentor the next generation of certified nurses while earning continuous learning hours for certification renewal

Join the growing network of more than 18,000 CNA-certified RNs already at the leading edge of health-care. Commit to meeting a national standard of nursing excellence and continuing competence. Demonstrate that your specialized professional knowledge and skills are current and comprehensive.

Become CNA-certified! Show that you Care to Be the Best.

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